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Version: 0.6



Collective Capability Manager CLI


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capact - Collective Capability Manager CLI

A utility that manages Capact resources and assists with creating OCF content.

To begin working with Capact using the capact CLI, start with:

$ capact login

NOTE: If you would like to use 'pass' for credential storage, be sure to set CAPACT_CREDENTIALS_STORE_BACKEND to 'pass' in your shell's env variables.

  In order to watch follow the progress of the workflow execution, it is required
to have 'kubectl' configured with the default context set to the same cluster where
the Gateway URL points to.

Quick Start:

$ capact hub interfaces search                    # Lists available content (generic interfaces)
$ capact hub interfaces browse # Interactively browse available content in your terminal
$ capact action search # Lists available actions in the 'default' namespace
$ capact action get <action name> -n <namespace> # Gets the details of a specified action in the specified namespace (table format)
$ capact action get <action name> -o json # Gets the details of a specified action in the 'default' namespace (JSON format)
$ capact action run <action name> # Accepts the rendered action, and sends it to the workflow engine
$ capact action status @latest # Gets the status of the last triggered action
$ capact action watch <action name> # Watches the workflow engine's progress while processing the specified action
capact [flags]


  -c, --config string                 Path to the YAML config file
-h, --help help for capact
-v, --verbose int/string[=simple] Prints more verbose output. Allowed values: 0 - disable, 1 - simple, 2 - trace (default 0 - disable)