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Version: 0.6

capact action delete

capact action deleteโ€‹

Deletes the Action

capact action delete [ACTION_NAME...] [flags]


# Deletes the foo Action in the default namespace
capact action delete foo

# Deletes all Actions with 'upgrade-' prefix in the foo namespace
capact action delete --name-regex='upgrade-*' --namespace=foo


  -h, --help                help for delete
--name-regex string Deletes all Actions whose names are matched by the given regular expression. To check the regex syntax, read:
-n, --namespace string Kubernetes namespace where the Action was created (default "default")
--phase string Deletes Actions only in the given phase. Supported only when the --name-regex flag is used. Allowed values: INITIAL, BEING_RENDERED, ADVANCED_MODE_RENDERING_ITERATION, READY_TO_RUN, RUNNING, BEING_CANCELED, CANCELED, SUCCEEDED, FAILED
--timeout duration Maximum time during which the deletion process is being watched, where "0" means "infinite". Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "ยตs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h". (default 10m0s)
-w, --wait Waits for the deletion process until it's finished or the defined "--timeout" has occurred. (default true)

Options inherited from parent commandsโ€‹

  -c, --config string                 Path to the YAML config file
-v, --verbose int/string[=simple] Prints more verbose output. Allowed values: 0 - disable, 1 - simple, 2 - trace (default 0 - disable)


  • capact action - This command consists of multiple subcommands to interact with target Actions