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Workflow step policy

The Workflow step policy, is an optional policy, which can be provided in the Implementation manifest in an Action step. This policy can be used when:

  • an Implementation depends on another Implementation and an Interface cannot be used,
  • the Content Creator wants to prefer some Implementation in the Action steps.

This policy can be only provided by the Content Creator and cannot be changed without uploading a new Implementation manifest. Other policies can overwrite it, when a different policy has a higher priority. To check the default policy priority order see this section.


The following YAML snippet presents an Action step in the Implementation with a Workflow step policy:

- - capact-action: postgresql.install    name: install-db    capact-when: postgresql == nil    capact-policy:      rules: # Configures the following behavior for Engine during rendering Action for this step        - interface: # Rules for Interface with exact path            path: cap.interface.database.postgresql.install          oneOf:            - implementationConstraints: # Enforces that the cap.implementation.bitnami.postgresql.install is selected                path: "cap.implementation.bitnami.postgresql.install"

NOTE: Instead of providing the full Interface path you can use the alias from the Interfaces imported in the Implementation:

spec:  imports:    - interfaceGroupPath: cap.interface.database.postgresql.install      alias: postgresql      methods:        - name: install          revision: 0.1.0
- - capact-action: postgresql.install    capact-policy:      rules:        - interface: postgresql.install

NOTE: You cannot inject TypeInstances in the Workflow step policy. Manifests can be used by any Capact installation, and it is not possible to predict the ID a TypeInstance will have in a given Capact environment.

In this case the policy will enforce that the cap.implementation.bitnami.postgresql.install Implementation will be selected, if no other policy is overriding this setting.