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Version: 0.7

Local Installation

Use Capact CLI to create a local Kubernetes cluster and install Capact on it.


CPU and memory requirements

Capact consists of multiple components, which you can find in deploy/kubernetes/charts. Make sure that Docker has enough resources to install Capact properly.


  • 2 CPU cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 8GB RAM

While on Linux Docker runs natively, being able to use all CPU and memory if needed, on macOS you need to configure resources manually for Docker virtual machine.

Please check the Docker manual in order to learn how to configure CPU and memory.


Create local Kubernetes cluster

To create a local cluster, run the following command:

capact environment create kind --wait 5m

You can customize the behavior with additional flags. See all the options in the capact environment create kind command documentation.

Install Capact

Once you have your local Kubernetes cluster set up, install Capact. You can choose from two types of release channels:


By default all Capact components are installed. You can disable monitoring installation to reduce time and resource consumption.

To install Capact without monitoring, add the --install-component=capact,neo4j,ingress-nginx,argo,cert-manager,kubed flag to the capact install command.

capact install

Wait for the command to finish.


You can customize the behavior with additional flags. See all the options in the capact install command documentation.

Next steps

Configure Capact CLI to connect to your fresh local Capact installation. Follow the steps in the First use section of the CLI Getting started guide. Enjoy using Capact!


To remove your local Kubernetes cluster created in the Create local Kubernetes cluster section, run the following command:


This command deletes the local cluster with all data, including history of executed Actions and created TypeInstances. Before running it, make sure you cleaned up all external resources (e.g. managed PostgreSQL databases) based on the TypeInstance data.

capact environment delete kind