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Version: 0.5

capact install

capact install#

install Capact into a given environment


Use this command to install the Capact version in the environment.

capact install [OPTIONS] [flags]


# Install latest Capact version from main branchcapact install
# Install Capact 0.1.0 versioncapact install --version 0.1.0
# Install Capact from local git repository. Needs to be run from the main directorycapact install --version @local


      --build-image strings                    Local images names that should be build when using @local version. Takes comma-separated list. (default [argo-actions,argo-runner,e2e-test,gateway,hub-js,k8s-engine,populator])      --capact-overrides strings               Overrides for Capact component.      --cert-manager-overrides strings         Overrides for Cert Manager component.      --crd string                             Capact Action CRD location. (default "")      --enable-registry                        If specified, Capact images are pushed to Capact local Docker registry.      --environment string                     Capact environment. (default "kind")      --helm-repo string                       Capact Helm chart repository location. It can be relative path to current working directory or URL. Use @latest tag to select repository which holds the latest Helm chart versions. (default "")  -h, --help                                   help for install      --increase-resource-limits               Enables higher resource requests and limits for components. (default true)      --ingress-controller-overrides strings   Overrides for Ingress controller component.      --install-component strings              Components names that should be installed. Takes comma-separated list. (default [neo4j,ingress-nginx,argo,cert-manager,kubed,monitoring,capact])      --name string                            Cluster name, overrides config. (default "dev-capact")      --namespace string                       Capact namespace. (default "capact-system")      --timeout duration                       Maximum time during which the upgrade process is being watched, where "0" means "infinite". Valid time units are "ns", "us" (or "ยตs"), "ms", "s", "m", "h". (default 10m0s)      --update-hosts-file                      Updates /etc/hosts with entry for Capact GraphQL Gateway. (default true)      --update-trusted-certs                   Add Capact GraphQL Gateway certificate. (default true)      --version string                         Capact version. Possible values @latest, @local, 0.3.0, ... (default "@latest")

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -c, --config string                 Path to the YAML config file  -v, --verbose int/string[=simple]   Prints more verbose output. Allowed values: 0 - disable, 1 - simple, 2 - trace (default 0 - disable)


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